Tuesday, January 10, 2012



She sat by the table with her new friends, sharing her interesting stories excitedly with them.

She danced, jumped and laughed while the others smiled at her.

As they left the table, she pulled her chair to the nearest table she could find and sat down.

She looked at a stranger innocently.

“You look like my daughter……”', she said.

“…. and I miss her very much”, she continued.

Without having the ability to control her emotions, she broke down into tears.

After a blink of an eye, she was the energetic lady with smiles again.

She used to be a working adult happily married with two daughters. But all that were taken away from her now.

All that were left now are her sweet voice and some scattered memories. As soon as I leave the coffee table, her voice filled the atmosphere with a song by Karen Mok, 外面的世界.

waimian de shijie
The world outside

zai hen jiu hen jiu yiqian
A long time ago

ni yongyou wo, wo yongyou ni
You had me, and I had you

zai hen jiu hen jiu yiqian
A long time ago

ni likai wo qu yuankong aoxiang
You left me and soured far away into the sky

waimian de shijie hen jingcai
The world outside is so splendid

waimian de shijie hen wunai
The world outside is so depressing

dang ni juede waimian de shijie hen jingcai
When you feel that the world outside is so splendid

我会在这里衷心的祝福 你
wo hui zai zheli zhongxin de zhufu ni
I will be here and give you my blessings

每当 夕阳西沉的时候
mei dang xiyang xi chen de shihou
Whenever the sun sets in the west

wo zongshi zai zheli panwang ni
I always yearn for you

tiankong zhong suiran piaozhe yu
Despite the rain falling from the sky

wo yiran dengdai nide guiqi
I’m still waiting for your return


Noone will ever truly understand how it feels like to be separated from her daughter and being disowned by her own family members.

Noone to talk to, she turned to strangers each day and shared her beautiful stories.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

To all my loved one out there,

Stop worrying so much about studies or work. It’s not that end of the day if you didn’t get an A for your report card, if you fail a subject, if you can’t finish reading a note, if you’ve broken up with your BF, if your partner cheated on you or if you income is too low for you to buy an I phone.

RELAX and ENJOY your life.





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AWESOME!!!! i agreed very much. that's why i only study how much i can =D

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